The National endoscopic Breast Surgery Conference set off the first climax of 2019


On March 30th, the 9th National Breast Plastic Surgery Conference--Co-sponsored by the Association of Beauty and Plastic Surgeons of the CMDA, the Breast Plastic Professional Committee, the Endoscopy Professional Committee, and the Chinese Medical Association Medical Beauty Branch --as well as the 4th National Endoscopic Plastic Surgery Conference was successfully held in Wuhan. 



Top experts gather in Wuhan and shared their experience and skills


Endoscopic inferior incision P-II

Breast augmentation becomes a Chinese characteristic


President Mr. Jiang Hua of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association's Beauty and Plastic Surgeon Branch on speech

Combining the academic frontiers and development trends in domestic and abroad, President Mr. Jiang Hua of the Chinese Medical Association's Beauty and Plastic Surgeon Branch in-depth analysis of the core issues which facing breast argumentation, regarding the endoscopic inferior incision P-II augmentation Application, based on the patient's applicability, surgical results and the reduction of complications such as capsule contracture, has become a Chinese-style of breast augmentation which suit for Chinese women.


Live broadcast demonstration of breast augmentation with endoscopy

Professor Mr.Chen Yuzhe personally demonstrate the operation,and Professor Yu Li’s live explanation was the crowning touch of the conference.


Why choose endoscopic breast augmentation?


Visible&Reliable  The whole process is visible and reliable. The whole operation is performed under endoscopic direct vision, with less bleeding and less damage, avoiding various complications , and further improving the safety of breast augmentation.


Independent cavity to avoid leakage. 

The breast augmentation material is completely planted into the complete cavity which is separated from the posterior space of the breast, is not easy to penetrate, and is easier to handle by taking out.


Fast recovery & good compatibility.

Through a small incision, the postoperative recovery is faster, and the body's own breast tissue is better compatible with the placed material.


Feel realistic, dynamic and natural.

According to the breast aesthetic standard, the micro-carving design of the breast size, curvature, cleavage, peak distance and other data to create a sexy and attractive breast.

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