Water Oxygen Jet Peel Facial Dermabrasion Beauty Machine

Vacuum SPA

Water-Oxygen Skin Shining

Stable Gas Pressure Output



Applying the theory of water displacement and low pressure, the vacuum spa can solve the respiration difficulty of the skin. Also, it can dredge lymph, clear out the dirt on the epidermis, eliminate the cutin produced in epidermis metabolism and purify the water of the inner circumstance polluted by pigment. With the humanism design of carving net of different densities and the help of cycle system of hydrodynamic force, the ion base water of the vacuum SPA would have a comprehensive cleaning of the waste attaching to the inner wall of pores. What’s more, it supplies the skin with plenty of water, and is helpful to shape and tighten the facial outline.  In a word, users can get more than one benefit from one step.



1.Installed with air supplier system, it provides stable air output and can meet the needs of clinical treatment.

2.The stable output of gas pressure is consistent with that of clinical treatment, avoiding of inconvenience and effect irregularity when using the oxygen tank. 

The system can control the output amount of liquid according to different parts being treated and the degree of lesion.

3.Make the treatment more targeted and more effect insurance.

4.The air output controlled system can adjust the amount of liquid output and air output pressure according to the body parts being treated and the degree of lesion. 

(pressure regulating valve)

5.The endurable CPC fast-plug connectors make it possible to converse port quickly.

6.The pressure meter shows the intensity of the pressure at real time, and the operator can adjust the pressure according to the needs of treatment, ensuring the treatment effect.

7.Allocated with two three-holed water treatment handed tools: one water drainage pipe and one tool for oxygen injection.

8.The water drainage pipe is a patent design and there are eight plugs of different densities for choice to meet the need of different kinds of skin.

9.The stainless steel needle of a diameter of 80um made in Japan Fuji company makes the pure water mixed with the high-pressured gas surrounding needle so that can spray 

the 50um-diameter water vapor particles at the top speed of 230m/s. The particles are accessible to hair follicles and sebaceous gland, actually, only at the speed of 100m/s, 

the water vapor particles can rush away the blocked hair follicles so as to have treatment on acne and the majority of seborrheic alopecia.



1.Spot elimination: Good for removing scald, scar left after surgery, acne marks and pockmarks.

2.Acne elimination: Good for treatment on acne, inflammation, pimple, and blackhead.

3.Clean and provide water: Clean from the deep part of the skin so that make the skin cutin layer, minimally invasive scars, blackhead remove, at the same time supply the skin with sufficient water.

4.Tenderize skin: Helpful to wipe off the patch, pigmentation and good for pore contraction so as to whiten skin and make the skin more elastic and shining. The condition of the skin 

all over the body would be improved.

5.Smooth wrinkles: Beneficial to smooth wrinkles around lips and eyes, wrinkles between eyebrows and smooth striae gravidarum.

6.Hair growth: Good for resist seborrheic alopecia, alopecia areata and have an effective caring on hair.

7.Bring a young state of the skin: Suitable to deal with pimple, facial holes, fat granule, acne marks, and various patches.





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