Portable Skin Tightening Skin Rejuvenation HIFU Face Lifting Machine

65℃-70℃ Temperature Insurance

Patented“Positioning Index Line”

Immediate Tightening Effect

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HIFU Ulthera polar sonic face-lifts is a professional non-invasive firming, anti-wrinkle, shaping equipment. It uses the method of focused ultrasound to concentrate the ultrasound, with its focus on the heat high-energy ultrasound into the 4.5 mm light musculoaponeurotic layer (SMAS). The heat energy of HIFU can effectively stimulate collagen hyperplasia of self, and the elastin make the skin more elastic.  At the same time, it has very good effects on skin tightening, anti-wrinkle, shaping, etc.



1.The best temperature insurance, between 65℃-70℃, which is best for changing efficiency of collagen.

2.Accurate focusing on SMAS layer without side effect on skin surface.

3.Patented “positioning index line” which ensures the accurate point of energy working.

4.Immediate tightening effect after treatment, which is safe absolutely.

5.Multi treatment workheads, making effect on different parts.



1.Tightening the skin issue between eyes and eyebrows

2.Reducing wrinkles around eyes

3.Tightening skin &Tendering skin

4.Improving jowled problem (double chin)

5.Increasing skin elascity and tightening outline

6.Tightening skin organizational structure of forehead




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Before & After